The Mining Messenger

Crafting an identity for a blog with a Cornish tin mining feel.








The Mining Messenger was a bi-monthly news and views of 21st century Cornish mining. A brief was given that required a logo and editorial design for a digital magazine that would be download for the app store or from a blog created by the author. One stipulation the client had was it had to use one of Cornwall’s indigenous birds in a particular capacity.

Based on the Cornish Chough, a bird indigenous to Cornwall, a mark was created to sit at the core of the logotype that could also be used as a strong graphic device. The illustrated style of the Chough reflects the roughness of the historic tin mining culture in Cornwall. A suite of mining illustrations were created that could be used for different types of articles and for new cover designs if needed.

Using a simple grid and visual contrast, a style grid was created that could be flexible to varying levels of content and imagery if required. The colour palette was created to be used for different seasons so the magazine could reflect the colourful changes of Cornwall’s landscape every two months. 

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