2012 Olympics West End Guide

Getting photographers and the media around the West End filming locations with ease during the 2012 Olympics.









During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, central London was filled to the brim with media, all trying to film in the best locations, and at the same time. I was briefed to create a interactive pdf that photographers, cameramen and journalists could use the see accredited and unique locations and viewpoints to film from to get unparalleled views of the West End of London and in it’s best light.

The design is simple, yet intuitive with clear links and bold information to aid the viewer in getting around the interactive pdf with ease. This is down through clickable information points which goes through decreasing layers of graphic content: All of the West End to focused area (i.e. Oxford Street) to specific location. When at this final layer, the viewer is given views of the area that they can film from and content which details how to get there, special notes and time and dates for access. A list view of all locations was also produced to sit on a separate page if the viewer would like to see the range of locations available.

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