Moor Sheffield

An identity and collateral for the renovation & regeneration of a historic shopping thoroughfare in Sheffield.










I was tasked in generating the identity and the whole creative suite for the Moor, a historic retail destination in Sheffield. The whole brand is based on the theme of re-emergence and rejuvenation to tie in with the current phases of regeneration in the area and also the area and the rest of Sheffield recovering from the blitz the the 1950’s; a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The identity is clean, yet modern and supported by a language utilising the ampersand. It is never singular, always plural; suggesting many things for people to see and do rather that being “just a street with shops on it”. The area around the more is a cultural melting pot of urban gardens, snooker royalty, city hall and main transport hubs. The branded collateral emphasises this variety by visually adapting and shifting to what is happening throughout the year and always being original.

As brand guardian for The Moor, I was charged with the creative output of the studio for the brand and overseeing other designers design graphics which aligned to The Moor guidelines. Also client liaison was part of my daily duties, supplying content and taking briefs. There were a wide variety of materials produced for this project on multiple platforms digital and print. This project is currently in the construction stage of the renovation process.

Work Completed Whilst at: © Small Back Room

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