MoLA Hoarding

A 120m hoarding run on the historic site of the Walbrook River. Now part of the archaeological tour of the City of London.










An archaeological site was discovered as the foundations were being prepared for a building development across the road from Cannon Street station in the City of London. Museum of London Archaeology were called in to excavate the site and find the buried treasures on the site of the historic Walbrook River. To celebrate this discovery, Sir Robert McAlpine wanted a graphic hoarding commissioned that could showcase artefacts found on the site.

The graphic thought for the project was ‘Uncovered’, based on the discovery of the artefacts. Letting the artefacts have the focus of the hoarding and looking at the smallest details rather than construction information which sat at the smallest level. Each artifact was photographed and scaled up to three metres to sit on the acoustic hoarding, giving a historical telling of the forgotten river that runs under the area and the Roman influence on the area. QR codes were also added which linked to the MOLA website with articles about specific artefacts. A black background gave a contrasted base for the artefacts to be layered on. This also that let the artefacts really standout on the hoarding, day or night.

Work Completed Whilst at: © Small Back Room

Photography: 2012 Olympics
Photography: Paris