Jubilee Gardens Signage

Generating an identity and signage for gardens that have been created next to the London Eye to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.









A part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, an area on the Southbank in London, next to the London Eye, was redeveloped into a large communal gardens for London. Signage was commissioned for various uses: Entrance, CCTV, Children’s playground and A timeline of the area containing two commemorative plaques.

The identity and iconography for the signage system uses colours that are complimentary, but also fade into the surroundings so the signs do not stand out and detract from the beauty of the area.

The signage uses a primary typeface that is synonymous with the Festival of Britain which stood 50 years ago on the site of the Jubilee Gardens. The language of the signage puts a playful take on specific areas of the gardens and speaks to people in a way that is suggestive rather than instructional. The Queen officially opened the park and a steel plaque for the diamond jubilee was also designed to sit alongside the slate silver jubilee plaque already on site.

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EDF Trading Annual Report 2012/13
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