EDF Trading Annual Report 2012/13

2 annual reports. 1 year. Showcasing EDF’s worldwide energy and trading commodities.

EDF commissions an Annual Report every year to showcase their energy and trading aspects of their business. This year was slightly different. They wanted two annual reports. One for their staple annual report: Europe and Asia and an brand new separate one for their new market in North America.

Each annual report was built on a grid that had to be flexible enough to allow flexibility over various spreads in either report and sectors of EDF, yet allow consistency when viewed as a whole entity. With this grid I was able to ‘turn up or down the volume’ of imagery, typography and any other elements of the annual reports such as informative graphics or pull out facts allows either brochure to have its own style, but be visually consistent when seen together.

The Europe and Asia brochure was refined, conserved and smaller imagery, and a refined palette. The North America brochure on the other hand, being relatively new to EDF, was more punchy, had large double page spread photography and utilised the brighter colours of EDF’s core brand.

Work Completed Whilst at: © Small Back Room


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