Alinea Consulting

An identity and design suite for a cost consultancy that wants to be able to stand up with the big boys in the industry.







alinea consulting is a cost consultancy that wanted to be seen as fresh and exciting in an oversaturated industry, but at the same time, reflect their vast experience in the field after parting ways from their respective companies and joining together.

They wanted a clean and professional brand identity that could be used across a wide range of media and have longevity. This was done through a clean logotype with a variable element that could change shape and flex if any sub-brands wanted be created. The venn graphic used as the core graphic device represents the overlapping experience of the founding members coming together on each and every project. The venn graphics can be radically different and are flexible over a variety of shapes, scales and design platforms, print and digital.

The logotype is supported by simple vector graphics and impactful photography of completed or upcoming developments they are involved in. Utilising the ‘sweet spot’ of the venn for an image emphasises the aforementioned overlapping experience of the founding members all having input on a project and creates a strong foundation for business..


Photography: London
Falmouth Energy Week