10 Cork Street

Designing a brochure for office space in the middle of London, surrounded by artistic influences.







One of Great Portland Estates’ newest properties. Set in the heart of the artistic quarter of Mayfair, a brand new office space surrounded by art galleries. A brochure was required to promote and sell the office space, also required to design was a logotype and design style that could be applied to digital platforms and signage/events if required.

The logotype that was designed was understated, modern, but with a slight heritage secondary level reflecting the character combined with the history of Mayfair. The colour palette, which is mainly bronze, was sampled from architectural and furnishing detail of the office space and use of white space offsets the use of the bronze. The use of white space and a galleryesque approach formed the design style for all of the collateral.

The brochure was produced at A5 size with a fabric spine and designed in a way that made it feel like a miniature art book. Utilising framing and full bleed photography, detail and the bigger areas shots combined with minimal areas of type on a simple grid. This design rationale flowed onto a website thats also aided in selling the office space.

Work Completed Whilst at: © Small Back Room

Various Logos and Marques
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